Roland Hanekroot introduces The Ten Truths for making Business Fun. Download the book for free here

Roland Hanekroot: The Ten Truths for Building a Great Growth Company
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The Ten Truths

for Raising 

a Healthy

Bouncy Business

The Ten Truths

for Making

Your Business


The Ten Truths

for Making

Business Fun

Download the new book for free here

What do you do if you love your “baby” business and you want to learn how to make it grow up big and strong and independent one day so you won’t have to change its nappies anymore… But business books just aren’t written for you…

TV interview with me by Robert Gerrish about the first book

When you step into your local bookstore there are hundreds of impressive titles… It would be nice to have the time to read them. Along with most small business owners you are a “doer” rather than a “reader”,

You are about getting stuff done

You get things done… you don’t like to spend too much time talking about it… and time?

Time is for normal people. Roland Hanekroot’s business books are written for you…

I am Roland Hanekroot, and I am one of  Sydney’s most experienced small business coach, wrote the “The Ten Truths Trilogy” Business books for people who don’t read business books… (but know that they should)

The books are written for people like you you who get the job done, move onto the next job and don’t have time to read piles of business books.

Open any page of “The Ten Truths books” and you’ll find something useful for your business in the first 2 minutes. Within the 100 or so pages of each of these little books is the essence of everything you need to know to create sustainable small business growth and to help you take the next steps to building a Business that is Fun and that sustains you for years to come… I promise you.


Roland Hanekroot


The Ten Truths for Raising a Healthy Bouncy Business


The Ten Truths for Building a Great Growth Company


The Ten Truths for Making Business Fun

Download the third and newest book for free in Ebook form here now